So a couple weeks back, the band went to Vegas to celebrate my BDAY…. Tool was playing… couple of the dudes got to go backstage…things got wild. Basically Tool continues to put on an orgasmic live show and will most probably conquer the world for another 2-3 decades with their new album coming out “this year”. Adam Jones has one of the most distinctive guitar tones and playing techniques I’ve seen and I caught myself saying “holyshitholyshitholyshit” a couple dozen times throughout the whole show. A progressive metal band that slipped through the cracks and made themselves presentable to the overall public… Something you don’t see every day. Definitely an unforgettable show. Plenty of Tool elements on our upcoming record. Especially Dave’s playing style… god damn gets me excited talking about it. In conclusion, all hail Tool.




2014! Animalistic year!



Wow what a god damn rollercoaster ride. We’ve had such an incredible couple weeks that we’ve all been trying to pretty much absorb everything to the best of our abilities. Our show at the Troubadour was one of the highlights of our winter. The crowd was absolutely stunning and it was the first time we saw that much support from our hometown. The night itself proved that the rock scene in Los Angeles is fully alive and powerful. Many bands have a misconception of the idea of not wanting to hustle or take risks and expecting a packed house and a loving crowd with open arms to embrace them. Things don’t work like that in LA, especially in the world of heavy metal and hard rock. So us 5 took the risk and we got the love in return. We got some amazing interviews/reviews from LA Music Blog, LASF magazine, and Zoe Adler, and could not be more thankful. Whoever attended the show financially contributed to our debut EP, so we wouldn’t be able to move forward if it wasn’t for them. The support has been unreal and it continues to leave the band speechless.

Regarding our EP, we started tracking on January 9th at The Pie Studios in Pasadena with our bro Sonny Mayo. After finishing the drum tracks, Sonny decided that to bring this EP to the next level and expose our full potential, we should record the rest at a different studio. Recording is a tedious process, and we’re not a band to record just to put something out there. If we have a chance, were gonna take it and do it the right way and give our absolute 100%. That being said, we are getting help from the incredible Paul Fig who has engineered some of our all-time favorite records. (Trivium – Shogun, Ghost B.C. – Infestissumam, Alice in Chains -  The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, Deftones – Diamond Eyes, Stone Sour – Audio Secrecy, Come Whatever May, Mars Volta – Amputechture.) Like I said, were gonna do this the right way and we’re gonna release something with the same spirit and energy that we had when we wrote these songs. Can’t do this without the real fans. Love you all, keep your eyes and ears peeled for some new hard rock from your boys. 

-Shaunt Sulahian


Goodbye 2013 – Hello 2014


During this holiday season we’ve become a band of brothers. We had the privilege of being on Taguhi Vardanyans talk show on the ARTN network. It was basically our first time on television together and we all suffered from hardcore anxiety.. But Taguhi was super kind hearted and welcomed us with open arms. Honestly it was one of the best new experiences we’ve had as a band and we can’t wait for all of you to see the performance/interview if you guys haven’t already. Now we’ve just been hard at work for our show on January 3rd. It’s our first time headlining the Troubadour and we are ready to show our teeth. It takes a lot of time to really nail a couple of these intricate riffs and synchronize all the crazy shit were doing musically and present them all together, but we’re ready. And we’re gonna give you guys a great start to the new year. Then from Jan 9th to 12th we’re buckling down for our debut EP and our homeboy (producer) Sonny Mayo is bustin our balls to create something that we’re all proud of. A treat for a new generation of heavy metal fans. Thanks for all the support, love you guys and love our fans. Happy new year!



Very privileged and excited to announce that we will be featured on Shant TV Network on ARTN — courtesy of TAG Talk Show hosted by Taguhi Vardanyan on Christmas Eve. We will be playing 2 acoustic songs and promoting our upcoming January 3rd show at the Troubadour! This will be aired on all major Satellite networks, Cable networks, and online. More details to follow! Thanks for all your support.



The guys and I have the honor of working with the great Sonny Mayo on the upcoming Blackmore EP. The whole night while we were in the studio with the guy starting pre-production I was in total shock. My brother was a huge fan of Snot! I mean HUGE! (which Sonny was the guitar player in) The dude had a different Snot shirt on every other day. He gave me their CD “Get Some” when i was 13 or 14 years old? and loved it since day one. My brother passed this past year so the idea of working with the guy that created music him and I both loved is perfect. Almost seems like things coming into full circle. The little kid in me wanted to call the man and tell him “hey asshole guess who is producing us?” and in return he would’ve said some Snot quote followed by “lets all grab a drink!” or “ask him about Lynn!!” hahaha anyway, I have a great feeling about this whole thing! Expect nothing short of greatness.


The Troubadour show! 01-03-2014

Spread the word around! – ROCK ON! 

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We hope that everyone had a great thanksgiving and we hope that you and your love ones enjoyed your time together!

We’re beyond excited to invite you to our first annual event at the Troubadour. We wanna bring you guys a night of epic music from beginning to end, so music lovers can nerd out on every genre. Honored and privileged to be able to set up our own production at the Troub. That being said, let’s kickoff the New Year with some new memories. From some chill Alt Rock to a Dj spinning in between sets to some brutal metal.



Finally! After such a long wait, we’ve finally put together a little website just  for you…we really appreciate your support! Please continue to believe in us and together we shall trek the long way to the top, cause we wanna ROCK N ROLL! \m/(‘e’)\m/. Share the love and spread the word!