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Friends, it’s been a hell of a couple weeks. Just wanted to update you beautiful people on what we’ve been up to and what’s next for the band. On Saturday, August 30th 2014 we had our CD release show at the House of Blues on Sunset. It was our first time playing the venue and we absolutely fell in love with the sound, the crowd, and the vibe. With over 500 people, we definitely had one of the most beautiful crowds we’ve ever played for. It was stunning to have such energy and such a powerful presence in the rock scene in LA. Our goal from the start was to rejuvenate the excitement of rock/metal in this city, and we believe we’ve been doing just that. It was thrilling to release a collection of work that we’ve worked so hard for, and we’re humbled for it to be received in such a positive light. Conveniently, we opened for one of our favorite bands Nothing More, 3 days later at the Troubadour. For this show, it was just an honor sharing the bill with such kick-ass soulful and powerful rock/metal acts. Opus Dai brought the house down, while Sleepwave impressed everyone with their skillful song-writing. Nothing More tore the venue a new one with their superb stage show. We were definitely inspired and shared a couple words with these bands and let’s just say it won’t be the last time that we play with any of them. Rock and Metal are far from slowing down, and whoever was at these past 2 shows can vouch for that. These gigs were 2 nights that we will always remember in our hearts because we felt so passionate about them. It sort of solidified in our minds that we’re on the right path and all we’re trying to do is inspire others by taking this journey one day at a time and loving/working on our craft constantly.

So what’s next for us? We’re about to sign a loan for a new rehearsal space, and start writing a hell of a lot more music. Aside from building the press kit and all the other business oriented things we need to worry about, it might be time for our first music video…which might possibly be the 3rd track from our EP ;) We’re also keeping an eye out for management, and a possible mini winter tour of the East Coast, with plans to record our first full length album to follow. However we’re not done kickin your ass yet LA, expect some major gigs coming in October. Cheers to all the new faces we’ve seen at these past couple shows and much love to the loyal fans that constantly support and come hang with us. This is a dream we’re trying to live, and you guys are making it a reality. Love you all.

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